Thursday, October 25, 2012

A BIG thank you to the ladies of Birmingham!

Thank you to all who visited and purchased items at our show! We had a great time and that is directly a result of how lovely you all are. Also, a special thanks to the Sartelle family for opening their home. Kristin made our stay delightful! I'm excited to get to work filling these fun orders!

Friday, October 5, 2012

New Items For Sale!

Yes, it is only October, and yes, seeing Christmas displays in any store is aggravating 3 weeks before Halloween... BUT! in case you want to spread out the cost of Christmas, have a friend's birthday coming up, or any special occasion - consider some bran-spankin-new letterpressed stuff!

2013 Desk Calendar with easel - $40
Each month has a different icon in a different color

"thank you" folded notes in washed black- $12 for a pack of 6
(great gift for him!)

Double-Bike flat notecards - $12 for a pack of 6 
(with envelopes)

Oak Tree flat notecards - $12 for a pack of 6 
(with envelopes)

Hummingbird flat notecards - $12 for a pack of 6 
(with envelopes)

Bee flat notecards - $12 for a pack of 6 
(with envelopes)

"Linus Dreams" folded notecards
Each has a different note in the bubble: 
i {heart} you, happy birthday, just because, bon voyage, 
merci, {heart}, thank you, and i miss you
(Available in packs or individually)

 Blind press folded notes
When one does not apply ink to the impression, it is called a "blind" press. 
Different sayings:
merci, thank you, happy birthday, and congratulations
(Available in packs or individually)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Show Time!

Just in case you want to get a jump on holiday shopping, or pick up some hot off the press notecards, or place an order for personalized invitations, Christmas Cards, and stationery. . .

come to the
Market Street  
at Brentwood Academy 
this Thursday, October 4
noon to seven in the evening

Additional upcoming shows:
Home Show in Birmingham, AL - October 24
The Little Art Party - November (TBD)